Picture in a Frame

Marco Mattei

Record Details

November 19, 2021
Out of Control album cover


Buzzing in my head
Buzzing in my head
Things are doing well
Things are turning bad
A spot on one single frame
And nothing looks the same

I don’t look the same
You don’t look the same
We cannot move on
I cannot step back
That’s what we became
A picture in a frame

What you used to feel
Is it still what you feel?
What you used to love
Is it still what you love?

What you used to think
Is it still what you think?
What you used to see
Is it still what you see?

Fire, water, light
Mystical insight
What today is right
Might be wrong tonight
Raindrops smash the ground
Heavy bullets sound

Matthew Brown: Vocals
Pat Mastelotto: Drums
Tony Levin: Electric Bass
Marco Mattei: Electric Guitars, Vocals, Electronic Percussion